KleverCase False Book Kindle Fire HD - Goldfinger


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KleverCase False Book Kindle Fire HD Case - Goldfinger. Disguise your Amazon Kindle Keyboard as an innocent copy of "Goldfinger" with this cunning cover from KleverCase.

"Brilliant - cool case for my teenager"

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Kindle Fire HD
19 February 2013
Brilliant - cool case for my teenager
Bought this case for my 13 year old's Kindle - he is an avid Bond fan & currently reading the books - went down a treat!!!! Like that they are 'Made in England' too!!!

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Additional information

Protects your Kindle Fire HD from scratches and damage

The KleverCase covers all of your Kindle Fire HD when it is not in use, protecting your Kindle from the rigours of daily wear and tear. What's better is that you are still able to keep the case on whilst you are reading, keeping your Kindle Fire HD safe at all times.

Disguises your Kindle Fire HD as a traditional book

How do you judge a book without a cover? The KleverCase gives character to your Kindle in a perfect bonding of classic books and new technology. The hand crafted range gives colour and personality to your tablet with well known titles and original antique book designs, allowing you to personalise your much-loved gadgets.

Secure fitting holds your Kindle Fire HD firmly in place

Internally, your  Kindle Fire HD slots into a secure mounting system which will not allow your tablet to move around at any point - except when you wish to remove it of course, but why would you ever need to? This case has cut-outs for all of the ports and features on your Kindle Fire HD, meaning you should never need to take it off.

KleverCase False Book Kindle Touch Case - Sherlock Holmes

Made for Kindle Fire HD 

This KleverCase has been specifically made for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, giving the perfect fit.

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