Official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Battery Cover - Grey


Product part number: GH98-24445B

Product reference: 36883

Replace your worn or broke battery cover with this new Genuine Samsung Galaxy Note 2 replacement battery cover in grey.

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Additional information

Replace your old, worn or damaged battery cover

The replacement battery cover is designed to replace your old, worn or damage cover with a brand new, genuine Samsung replacement. This helps you phone look brand new and keeps it looking stylish at all times.

Strong yet flexible construction

The replacement battery cover is made from strong, yet flextible, plastic which is almost indestructible. It's made to the exact same specifications as the original cover which came with your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and is constructed to survive bending and impacts so the internal components will remain unharmed.

Made by Samsung for the Galaxy Note 2

The battery cover is made by Samsung for the Galaxy Note 2 and as a result you can be sure of a perfect fit. It also features all the neccessary cut outs to give you full access to all the ports and features.

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