Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Dual Desktop Charging Cradle

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Product part number: LXC-SGN2

Product reference: 36639

Desktop cradle for charging and synchronising your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and a spare battery.

"dock charger"
"Life is Good now..."
"It works well !"

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james weston

15 September 2013
dock charger
Charger works great! Once I got it in the mail I immediately charged my phone and the spare battery at the same time. Green light in back tells you when charge is complete.

Jim Cooper
Norwalk CT

22 August 2013
Life is Good now...
I click the phone into the base at night and it's charged for me in the morning. So is the spare battery if I am being a power user. No worries, be happy. :)


Samsung Galaxy Note 2
12 May 2013
It works well !
Charges phone and spare battery at same time, or can be used to charge spare battery, while phone is being used elsewhere. Makes a great desktop stand to sync phone to/from computer - charges at same time. Looks good too !

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Additional information

Synchronises and charges

This cradle will allow you to synchronise and charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in one easy process. Simply place your device in the cradle, connect the cable to your computer and the computer will do the rest for you. The LED indicator will also inform you when there is power flowing through the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note Dual Desktop Charging Cradle

Designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The dock has been specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so will be a perfect fit. The cradle will also provide a good angle for you to use the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note Dual Desktop Charging Cradle

Stable and secure mounting

The cradle provides a stable and secure mount for the Samsung Galaxy Note. It will also declutter and make your desk look neater with its high quality finish.

Charge Spare Battery Simultaneously

Not only will this cradle allow you to charge the battery in your phone and synchronise information with the phone, it will also charge a spare battery at the same time. This is excellent for people who are constantly on the phone as they will be able to swap batteries as soon as one dies. Whats even better is the phone does not have to be on charge for the spare battery to charge at the same time.


Net Weight: 118g
Dimension: 90 x 80 x 50 mm

Samsung: Galaxy Note 2

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