Official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Battery - EB595675LUCSTD


Product part number: EB595675LUCSTD

Product reference: 36362

Replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. You'll never run out of power again!

"Genuine Battery"
"Very happy "
"Excellent genuine battery thank you"

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2
7 April 2015
Genuine Battery
It was worth paying the extra over the cost the 'Genuine' batteries on a popular auction website! This works perfectly and passes all of the genuine checks I can find too. Will definitely shop here again for this sort of thing.


Note 2
20 March 2015
Very happy
I am very happy with this phone battery. Performance wise it is identical to the original one and works as a great replasement.

Matthew Bell

Galaxy Note 2
13 March 2015
Excellent genuine battery thank you
I was a little nervous at first given the sea of fakes out there but these batteries are evidently genuine and mine has been excellent and has bought my Note 2 a year or two more since you cant seem to but these from Samsung anymore. What i would say is that a full system reset (a pain i know.....) really does help and with this done and a new battery i am getting 40 hours from my battery. Thanks to Hardeep for his advice and professionalism, i'll be back to buy in the future :)

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Why buy

  • Genuine replacement part
  • Made for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Same capacity as original battery

  • Additional information

    Official Samsung Galaxy S6 S-View Premium Cover Case - Black

    Genuine replacement part

    This battery is an official Samsung replacement, so you can be sure of 100% compatibility with your device.

    Same capacity as original battery

    The Samsung EB595675LUCSTD is the same battery as comes with your phone, so it has the same capacity. This means whether you're looking to replace an old battery or simply want a spare, you can be confident of getting the same battery life out of your phone as you originally experienced.


    • Voltage: 3.7V

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