Genuine Apple Lightning to 30 Pin Converter


Product reference: 36240

Use your new iPhone 5 with existing cradles and chargers with the genuine Apple Lightning Connector.

"Great money saver!"
"Simply a must have item"
"Genuine Apple connector"

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Mary P Robson
United Kingdom

Apple products
18 January 2014
Great money saver!
I have recently upgraded to the lightening cables for my Iphone 5 and Apad Air, so this little beauty saves me having to replace my docking station/loudspeakers, which has the older type connection. A bit expensive, but it is the real Apple adapter not a cheap imitation so worth the outlay.

Nigel Cooper
Halstead, Essex

i Phone 5
26 August 2013
Simply a must have item
Having just upgraded to an i phone 5 I really didn't want to have to buy a load of new equipment. This adaptor is a simple solution, it's so good I have bought two, one for at home and one for at work and on the go. It fits into all of the old i phone 4 sockets/connectors which all work perfectly well, and has made no difference to me using anything. Its a win, win, better phone and just carry on as usual.

Barry Wood
Bingley West Yorkshire

I phone 5 to in car I phone 4 connection and all I phone connections in the house
22 July 2013
Genuine Apple connector
Having purchased one before from Mobile Fun a few months ago rather than swapping it each time from house to car, as I have already got a I phone 4 connector or charger in my cars it is so easy to leave one in the car and one in the house.

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Why buy

  • Use you iPhone 5 with any existing docks, speakers and chargers
  • Small and discreet accessory which allows you to carry it around with you wherever you go
  • Genuine Apple product

  • Additional information

    Use your iPhone 5 with any existing docks, speakers and chargers

    The Apple Lightning Connector allows you to use your iPhone 5 with any existing docks, speakers or chargers which you have. This simple connector simply plugs into the charging socket of your iPhone 5 and it allows you to plug the connector into any existing devices you have with Apples 30 pin dock connector.

    Genuine Apple Lightening Connector

    Small and discreet accessory can be carried around with you

    The Apple Lightning Connector is a small and discreet accessory which allows you to carry it around with you at all times. Due its small size it can be easily carried around with you in your pocket and bag so you can use it with your Apple accessories at home, in the car or in the office.

    Genuine Apple product

    As this is a genuine Apple product you can be sure its made with quality which you've come to expect from any Apple product. The Lightning Connector is designed to work with all iPhone accessories so you can still use them with the new iPhone 5.

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