Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad 4 / 3

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Product part number: SBLUT007900

Product reference: 35720

Protect your iPad 4 / 3 and have full keyboard functionality thanks to this iPad 4 / 3 Bluetooth keyboard case.

Additional information

Protects your iPad 4 / 3 from scratches and damage

This Bluetooth keyboard case will ensure that your iPad 4 / 3 remains free from scratches and damage at all times, helping to keep it looking as good as new.

Built-in battery can charge your device

Offering some emergency power when needed, this case can give your iPad 4 / 3 some extra juice through a built-in battery. This also means that the keyboard will not draw any power away from your iPad 4 / 3, helping to conserve extra power. 

Metal Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad 3 Metal Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad 3

Bluetooth keyboard makes typing easy

The majority of people don't like the feel of typing on an iPad screen, so improve your comfort and efficiency by typing on this high quality keyboard instead. 

Looks sleek and stylish

Complementing the design of your iPad 4 / 3, this keyboard looks sleek, stylish and professional. 

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