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Product part number: SEMCG009600

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Never run out of battery when you really need it with the Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S3. Giving you an extra 2200mAh.

"Love it!"
"Great piece of kit"
"Perfect External Charger"

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Samsung Galaxy S3
29 July 2014
Love it!
I have been struggling with my battery life however with this case I don't have to charge my phone midday! Very easy to use and charge. never comes off! Make sure you don't charge the phone and the case togethere


Samsung Galaxy S3
16 April 2014
Great piece of kit
Fabulous phone the Galaxy S3 but the battery soon loses charge,I was fed up of charging it so I looked on MobileFun and found this Power Bank Case. Wow its brilliant my phone now lasts twice as long as it did. This piece of kit is easy to use and looks cool {love the blue lights}. Recommended if you play games and or watch films on the go.


3 April 2014
Perfect External Charger
I use this charger everyday. I play poker, while at the poker table, I either watch a movie or listen to music. I will use the phone battery until about 20%, then switch over to the Bytech charger. Not only does it recharge the phone battery, but adds hours to the use of the phone. LOVE IT!

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Why buy

  • Built-in Battery Backup gives you an extra 2200mAh
  • Protective case protects your phone from unwanted damage
  • A pop out kickstand allows you to stand your phone in landscape position
  • Specifically Designed for Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Additional information

    Built-in Battery Backup

    The Powerbank case enables you to double the battery capacity with an extra 2200mAh.  This means you can have peace of mind that you will have battery when you need it most.  Just charge the Powerbank case and once the battery of your phone is in the red, press the power button and the reserve charge in the Powerbank will start to transfer to you phone.  Ideal for those times when you just can't get to plug socket.  

    Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

    Protective Case

    The Powerbank battery is built in to sleek and compact cover.  The case comes in two parts, just slide your handset into the first half of the case and on to the micro USB attached at the bottom of the case.  The second part then clips in and secures the phone in the case.   The case is made from a durable plastic and has a soft to touch feel.  So not only does it give you the extra power capacity but also protects the back of your handset from scratches and accidental dropping.

    Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

    Pop-Out Kickstand

    The case comes complete with a fold away kickstand allowing the phone, once in the case, to be placed in a landscape position.  Ideal for watching a movie on a plane or catching up with the latest news sitting on a train.  When finished just fold away the kickstand into the specially design case.

    Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

    Specifically Designed for Samsung Galaxy S3

    The case is designed around the Samsung Galaxy S3 which ensures a quality fit. The case also comes complete with cutouts for the camera lens, LED flash and speaker, as well as a cut around for the headphone socket and side buttons.

    * Please Charge the Battery Case and Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Separately. (Do Not Charge the Battery Case and Samsung Galaxy S 3 I9300 At the Same Time)

    For more power options please see our full range of fantastic Power Banks:

    Technical Specifications

    • Capacity: 2200mAh
    • Input Voltage: 5V
    • Input Current: 500mAh
    • Output: 5V
    • Output Current: 500mAh
    • Charging Time: 5 hours
    • Weight: 83g
    • Size: 147mm(L) x 73mm(W)x 15.5mm(T)

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