Samsung Galaxy S3 / Note 2 MHL HDTV Adapter - EPL-3FHUBEGSTD


Product part number: EPL-3FHUBEGSTD

Product reference: 35119

Connect your S3 or Note 2 to any HDMI MHL TV or Monitor.

"Product as-advertised; prompt delivery"

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Saint Louis

28 September 2015
Product as-advertised; prompt delivery
Recommend product if you need this technology.


Galaxy S3
8 May 2015
This adapter was very easy to connect and start using straight away. It works perfectly with our Panasonic TV, and does exactly what it says it should do. I was slightly concerned by some of the reviews, but most people with problems seem to be using it with the wrong equipment. For my Samsung S3 it works perfectly well.

Milton Keynes

Samsung S3
6 June 2014
Being of an older generation I wanted a plug & play bit of kit and this ticks all the boxes. Quality, Branded Name & Very Simple to use. Note: you need to use mains power while using this otherwise it won't work. I plugged everything in and it worked 1st time. 10/10 to MobileFun - super fast delivery and a quality piece of kit

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Additional information

Mirror your S3 / Note 2 through the standard HDMI output on a compatible TV

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 are one of the most powerful smartphones available, capable of recording and playing back video in full 1080p HD. With the HDTV adaptor, you can playback your videos on your HD-ready TV.  You'll be amazed at what your phone can do with the Samsung S3 / Note 2 and HDTV adaptor!

Samsung Galaxy S3 HDTV Adapter - EPL-3FHUBEGSTD    Samsung Galaxy S3 HDTV Adapter - EPL-3FHUBEGSTD

Simple and easy to use

Simple and intuitive, the Samsung Galaxy S3 / Note 2 MHL HDTV Adapter is easy to set up and connect to your Galaxy S3 or Note 2. Simply connect the adapter to your smartphone via the Micro USB and use a regular HDMI cable to connect the adapter to your HDTV. Finally, to ensure that the connection can be established the adapter need to be powered using a mains Micro USB charger.

Samsung Galaxy S3 / Note 2 MHL HDTV Adapter - EPL-3FHUBEGSTD

Genuine Samsung product made for the Galaxy S3

This is a genuine Samsung part, and has been made for and fully tested with the Galaxy S3 & Note 2 so you can be confident of perfect compatibility with your phone.

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