G-Form Extreme Grid Case for iPhone 4S/ 4 - Black


Product part number: GF-CP2IP4003

Product reference: 34739

This slim and lightweight case acts like armor to safeguard your iPhone 4S / 4 by absorbing over 90% of the force from an impact.

"much better than the photo"

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Iphone 4S
31 December 2012
much better than the photo
Bought this for a guy I work with who regularly throws his Iphone 4S down the road. Have tried all different types - OtterBox included - but this one, which looks very strange in the photos, is actually really nice to hold - sort of squiggy and fits really well - the OtterBox cover was loose and a problem to remove from your pocket. This one is comfortable to hold and the bezel protects the screen so maximum protection. This is also the cheapest I found it with prices going to £40 for the same thing. I was so impressed that I have thought about getting one for my phone too. The delivery was amazing -placed order 2:00pm cover with me by mid-day the following day - standard delivery free! Brilliant, top marks, will buy from these guys again.

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Additional information

Features G-Form's Patented Reactive Protection Technology (RPT)

That dreaded feeling when your iPhone takes a tumble: it’s something many of us know too well. Enjoy your iPhone 4/4S anxiety-free with our Extreme Grid for iPhone 4S / 4. This is made possible by G-Form’s Reactive Protection Technology (RPT™): a composite blend of Poron® XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form materials and technology that instantly stiffens upon impact and absorbs over 90% of the energy, offering state-of-the-art impact protection in a lightweight, flexible form.

Case features dual-layer, 360° protection

G-Form iPhone cases offer dual-layer protection by combining a tough rigid exterior shell with an inner RPT™ core that extrudes through the shell to provide 360 degrees worth of extreme impact protection.

Case is shock-proof and abrasion-resistant

Shockproof and abrasion-resistent, the Extreme Grid for iPhone 4/4S is ready to stand up to the rigors of everyday use and is perfect for outdoor use whether its camping, cycling, trekking or simply taking your iPhone along with any adventure you choose to undertake.

Slim and lightweight design

These slim and lightweight cases act like armor to safeguard your iPhone when you need it most by momentarily stiffening to absorb over 90% of the force from an impact, and then immediately returning to their natural flexible state.

Cut outs and extended buttons for full functionality

Featuring extended moulded buttons for volume control and cut outs for the lock switch and camera lens, the G-Form Extreme Grid Case alllows full use of your device when inside the case so you never have to compromise functionality for protection.

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