Nokia Lumia 800 Carry Case - CP-572 - Black


Product part number: CP-572

Product reference: 33081

Carry your phone in comfort with the genuine Nokia Lumia 800 Carry Case CP-572. It helps keep your device protected.

"Fits like a Glove"
"Fits Like a Glove"

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Nokia Lumia 800
20 July 2012
Fits like a Glove
Looked at different types of cases for the Lumia 800 and opted for this one mainly because of the reviews. Really please so far. Had case for a few weeks, fits really well and does the job of protecting the phone. Nice!


Nokia Lumia 800
1 January 1970
Fits Like a Glove
This genuine Nokia product just has to be the best hard case there is (or will ever be?) for the Lumia 800. The flip front catches very neatly over the top of the device and can easily be folded 360 degrees against the back; the back is contoured to the same soft curve as the Lumia so you don't lose the style. All the controls are readily accessible when the case is closed and it's slim lines complement the Lumia completely. Mine in black on a black Lumia looks VERY smart!

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Additional information

Protect your Nokia Lumia 800 whilst you're on the move with this stylish Nokia CP-572 carry case.

Made from stylish, yet protective, leather

The Nokia CP-572 carrying case is made from stylish leather which protects your Nokia Lumia 800 from dirt, scratches and minor impact damage. The case features a front hinged opening which makes it easier to insert and remove your phone from the case.

Reinforced edges to prevent your phone from falling out

The reinforced, form fitting  plastic body material of the case is specifically manufactured to hold your phone securely to prevent it from falling out of your case. The front cover of the case also features a gentle curve which fits over the top of the phone when closed to keep your phone securely protected from all sides.

Allows quick and easy access to your phone

The hinged front cover of the case allows you to quickly insert and remove your phone with ease making it perfect for if you need to answer a phone call quickly.

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