Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 / S2 / Note Micro USB to USB Converter


Product part number: ET-R205UBEGSTD

Product reference: 29425

This official adaptor for the Samsung Galaxy S2 / S3 / Galaxy Note allows you to convert your handset's microUSB connection to a standard USB connection.

"Both items worked as described"
"Fantastic Service"
"external usb"

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Kaj Jensen

Samsung S3
8 October 2012
Both items worked as described
Delivery perfect.. Cables fantastic quality. Would highly recommend.

Northern Ireland

Samsung Galaxy S3 Micro USB to USB Converter
16 June 2012
Fantastic Service
The product is great. Does the job well, and is of very good quality. Genuine Samsung accessory. What is even better is MobileFun's service. I order at 5:30pm on Friday and the product was delivered on Saturday morning to a village in Northern Ireland. I will definitely use MobileFun again.

mohammed uddin

sansung galaxy s3
5 June 2012
external usb
This product is a excellent device. It turns your smartphone into a mini pc. With this usb adapter you can view images,files,music whatever format it is even watch full movies soon as you connect to the Samsung galaxy s2/s3 the phone recognises it and gives you the option what to do next. and that's not all the features you can even connect a mouse and external keyboard. Who needs a pc when you can do all this on your smartphone via usb adapter. This device also works on many other smartphone that has a mini usb connecter on there phone. With mobile fun you get your item the next day soon as your order goes through. You have a choice of the original product (Samsung) or other makes which work perfectly fine.

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Additional information

Converts micro USB port to standard USB for USB On-The-Go functionality

USB On-The-Go is the latest technology for expanding the capabilities of your smartphone. With the Samsung Galaxy S2 / Galaxy Note and the Micro USB converter, you can plug in USB flash drives to access your data, or a USB card reader to get photos straight onto your phone from your digital camera, and much more

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Micro USB to USB ConverterGenuine Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Micro USB to USB Converter

Small and discreet for easy transportation

The Samsung Galaxy S2 / Galaxy Note Micro USB converter is designed to be as small as possible given the functionality it provides. This makes it very pocketable, so you can take it with you wherever you have your phone

Genuine Samsung product made for Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note

This is a genuine Samsung part, and has been made for and fully tested with the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note so you can be confident of perfect compatibility with your phone

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